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Rugby League is a physical and often dangerous sport. Very few who have played this fantastic game of ours reach the end of their careers without some sort of injury even if it's only a knee that aches in the winter.

Skirlaugh RLFC would like to recognise 3 young men who epitomise the true spirit of our game whether they had a glorious career to look back on or were just starting out in the game. Please read their stories and should you be moved to help, the links to the individual websites or pages can be found below each article

Lee Newton.

Like many others spent most of his life being dedicated to family, friends, career and playing sport, in particular Rugby League for Skirlaugh.

On the 20th March 2013, at the age of 42, Lee was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. The shock of the initial diagnosis was almost unbearable for him, but as time passed he resolved to try do everything he could to fight this terrible disease.

Lee always expressed how blessed he was to have a wonderful family, and amazing friends. His wife Caroline, daughters Hannah and Evie, family and friends were all so very supportive, and remained positive to help Lee continue living life to the full.

Lee and his family enjoyed beautiful holidays, thoroughly enjoying life and he ran a very successful family business.

After being diagnosed with MND you may think that his priorities would have change, but Lee never gave up on what was important.

Sadly in March 2017 we lost Lee, however his legacy lives on through family, friends and Skirlaugh RLFC.

A True Legend of the club, who will never be forgotten.

The L6ve Life foundation has been set up to provide funds for those who, every day, fight to find a cure and help those already living with MND.

Connor lynes was seriously injured playing rugby in hull and left with life changing injury. He is now raising awareness of brain injury and stroke in the young.